Sunday, March 20, 2011

Neon at I- City Shah Alam

these pictures were taken during a visit to I-City shah Alam and wanted to see for themselves the beauty of the neon at night when many say it is very beautiful and unique. I frankly think that the only beauty is the lit when compared to the surrounding area. Whatever it is, I still praise the efforts of relevant parties to increase Malaysia's tourism industry in Selangor in particular. if there is time to visit Malaysia, I recommend this place for you to visit ;p

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Small but Strong

This picture taken in Desa Park City. It shows how this small plant is able to live in between the rocks with the aid of spotlight as a source of light. So let us not give up no matter how difficult our life now. peace ;p

Lake at Desa Park City

This picture was taken in Desa Park City. This man-made waterfalls will greet you between the lake and the row of shops. I really like going here because it's so calm my soul at night will get you excited with the sound of water movement...ehm..

Night at Desa Park City

This picture was taken in the Desa Park City near the Bandar Manjalara. it is rather interesting and highly recommended area for a family to go sightseeing in the afternoon and evening. there is a row of shops and restaurants here so do not worry if you're hungry ;p

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

80's building structure

This picture was taken because of I like the structure. It so very 80's. This picture is part of the IMR (malaysia institue for medical research) building. will take pictures of IMR buildings that has reached a hundred year hehe

Midnight KLCC

This picture was taken at the intersection of Jalan Ampang, Jalan Tun Razak to KLCC. I take it because feeling that KLCC is very beautiful at side of the road. The story behind this picture is that I stopped my car beside the road just to take this picture so I did not realized my car was made street crowded instantly. hehe ... sorry KL people, will not do again anymore

One of the most popular ornamental plant around 80's

Malay name for this flower is 'Bunga Jarum' or Needle Flower.
This plant era of 80 's is often used as a guard house because it grows in close and easy to take care. My mom used to have this plant dbefore, but eventually discarded as well. This picture was taken at a Institute for Medical Research Malaysia (place where i do my Stem Cell Research ;p)